William Wallace, Freedom Fighter


The true story of Scotland’s Braveheart Mel Gibson’s epic 1995 film, Braveheart, put William Wallace back on the map of world history. But he has never left the warm affections of the many Scots who still revere his memory.

Here, recounted in vivid detail, top Scots writer George Forbes tells the thrilling saga of how Wallace, from humble beginnings, fought his way up to become Guardian of Scotland. It recounts his swashbuckling adventures as he kept one step ahead of his English pursuers and tells how he was transformed from outlaw to hero.

It shows this supreme man of action supervising his battles, from the triumph of Stirling Bridge to defeat at Falkirk, and describes his lifelong fued with King Edward of England – and the cruel fate which awaited the great Scottish patriot in London. Wallace was a giant of a man and in this sweeping, panoramic narrative lies the genesis of modern Scottish struggles.

A story as exciting as any novel by Scott or Stevenson – but it all actually happened!

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