Highland Whiskey Smugglers


Murders and mayhem, battles and beatings, bribes and bogus funerals – all for a dram of whisky! Illicit Scotch was as much a part of the Highland landscape as the mountains and lochs, and here former Customs man Steve Sillett tells the thrilling story of the smugglers from 1505 to modern times.

Besides being an authoritative history it distils the very spirit of Scotia and its people through a wonderful collection of anecdotes, both humorous and macabre, in which the sturdy independence of the Highlander is readily apparent.

Discover how lawmen who were supposed to shut down the stills got wildly drunk on the product that made some distillery owners wealthy enough to buy huge estates. Travel back in time as smugglers and excisemen come face to face at gunpoint. Marvel at the clever ploys used to camouflage the ‘distilleries’ and get the barrels to their destinations in the big towns and cities.

Thrill to stories that will warm the heart as well as the finest malt. And raise your glass to the men who laid the foundations of a massive world-wide industry – Scotch Whisky.

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Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 1 in


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