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luckenbooth brooches

Luckenbooth brooches are so called because they were sold from "Locked Booths"   in the Royal Mile, adjacent to St. Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh in the early 1700's, and were traditionally exchanged
between lovers on betrothal.  They were subsequently pinned to the baby's shawl "to protect it from evil spirits",  and many have passed from generation to generation to become valuable heirlooms.  Intertwining hearts, or inscribed phrases such as "of earthly joys thou art my choice"  are evidence of their purpose; a surmounting crown symbolizing Mary Queen of Scots.   They are probably the most romantic and lovely type of brooch in Scotland's history, hence their enduring appeal.

Traditional  Scottish Jewellery

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Size:  1 5/8" x 1 1/4"

Qty: Price: $34.95 Shipping: $8.00


Size:  1  1/8" x 1  3/8"

Qty: Price: $34.95 Shipping: $8.00

Size:  1  1/4" x 1  5/8"

Qty: Price: $42.95 Shipping: $8.00

Size:  2 1/8" x 5/8"

Qty: Price: $37.95 Shipping: $8.00

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