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The highland Dirk certainly since the 15th century, has been distinctive from European daggers in having but a single edge, the heavier blade perfectly balanced for use also as a short sword. 

The oldest Dirks (DIRK/A) had carved knotwork pommels, plain scabbards and simple ornamentation, whereas 18th century variants often had embellished scabbards to accommodate a knife and fork in the pattern of the highland Regimental Officers' (DIRK/KF); also available in Gold Finish (code DIRK/G). 

The Clan Crest Dirk (DIRK/CC) will accept any of our small Crest Badges. 

All these Dirks have finest quality hand wrought tempered steel blades, and solid cowhide sheaths. 

All are supplied gift boxed with historical notes.

Size Range: 17" to 19"

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