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Jimi McRae


jimi the piper 'pipedreams'
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Click on highlighted song to sample.
  1. Too Long in this Condition
  2. Still Raining Still Busking...
  3. Battlemarch Medley
  4. Battle at the Bridge of Perth 1396
  5. Gypsy Girl Dancing
  6. Crossing the Meldons
  7. Dornie Bends
  8. Space Piper
  9. Lament for the Children
  10. The Old Womans Lullaby

Jimi The Piper
Debut Solo Album
Released 1999

You get a great feeling of commitment to this music. Jimi plays a combination of traditional and new stuff, but it's his own tunes that really are the belters - particularly 'Dornie Bends', played crisply on small pipes and inspired by the buzz of motor biking in the Highlands. Caledonia

Offbeat Scotland

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